Pack the World of Bees

Bees are one of the most important pollinators of many plants (including some that serve as food for us) and that is why their role in the ecosystem is very important. They are animals with a very well structured society, which produce many and varied products with many qualities and a very interesting life cycle. Even today they retain a bad reputation and many people fear them, mainly because of ignorance. That is why we invite you to participate in a workshop that, hopefully, will help you to know them a little more and start loving them.

What we intend is that the participants:
– Discover how bees live
– Learn the important ecological role of these insects
– Know all the products they produce and their properties and utilities
The workshop is not offered in winter. The rest of the year, can be done normally.
It has two distinct parts but connected between them.
In the first, the beekeeper will make a theoretical introduction to the world of bees and beekeeping explaining each of the instruments that are used when working with them. It will also provide the keys to how to behave when we meet with them at any time (inside and outside the workshop).
In the second part, participants, equipped with beekeepers’ protections, will visit a hive, and will be able to see closely the bees and their organization.

This activity is suitable for anyone over 6 years old, except if they are allergic to bee sting venom.
It is recommended that participants wear long sleeve clothing, socks and closed shoes.

It also includes:
50% discount on a visit to the Monastery
50% discount at the Museum of Rural Life
Free admission to the Museum of Glass

Adult Price: 79 €
Child under 12 Price: 42 €
DATES: May 6th and 7th, July 1th and 2th and August 5th and 6th.

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